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“BLEXIT is the fire. We’re going to use this fire to burn down the Democratic plantation that exists to separate Blacks and whites.” – Brown Interviews Candace Owens

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Candace Owens is a conservative commentator and political activist. She is the founder of BLEXIT (Black Exit), a movement dedicated to leading Black voters away from the Democratic Party. Owens was a liberal before having what she describes as a “conservative awakening” in 2016 that eventually led to the launch of her political YouTube channel RedPillBlack and tenure as communications director for Turning Point USA from 2017 to 2019. Owens continues to lead BLEXIT and hosts a weekly podcast, The Candace Owens Show, through PragerU. Her first book Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation was released on February 4th, 2020. 

Amelia Spalter: You’ve often cited the left bolstering a victim mentality among Black America as a motivation for BLEXIT. Do you consider perpetrating this victim mentality to be a form of racism?

Candace Owens: If you look at someone and say “You’re a victim.” And that person responds, “Actually, no, I’m not a victim” and your reaction is to get angry, that says something about you. That says that you are not actually trying to help that person. You are trying to feel good about yourself. You view Black Americans as puppies that need rescuing. You walk away with a badge of honor to display “Look, I care about the plight of the Black people.” What if we do not need you to care about us? What if I do not view myself as your victim, but as your equal? 

That is the challenge I present with BLEXIT. We represent ourselves as your equals. We say no thank you to government handouts. We say no thank you to your pity party. We don’t need it. We need sensible economic policy. We stand alongside every other American, regardless of race or sex. 

How does BLEXIT make space for Americans across a broad range of value systems?

BLEXIT is the fire. We’re going to use this fire to burn down the Democratic plantation that exists to separate Blacks and whites and Hispanics based on dividing us with skin color rather than uniting us over ideas. BLEXIT is saying to Black Americans “You can release yourself from this victim narrative and recognize that you are Americans first and foremost. When someone jumps onstage and says, “Make America great again,” you don’t need to be defended, because you are an American. We’ve allowed white liberals to make us feel as though we are somewhere separate from the American dream. BLEXIT is telling us that we are a part of the American dream. 

What is the Democratic plantation?

We used to be physical slaves to the Democrat Party, and now we are mental slaves. We’re seeing more or less the same tactics play out. First and foremost, doing all of the work for the Democrats and getting nothing in return. We give them our votes while our communities and neighborhoods are suffering. For example, nobody is talking about the rise of illiteracy. In places like California, 75% of Black boys can’t pass a basic literacy exam, and it is similar in any inner city. Making sure we were uneducated was also necessary to maintaining the Democrat platform and slave ownership, because an educated mind cannot be enslaved. 

You recently said race is becoming a business, how so? 

Race is a business, so is gender, so is sex, so is being lesbian or gay. I’ll give you an example outside of race. First of all, if I am raising millions of dollars to solve a problem, why would I ever want that problem to go away? Common sense 101. If I am making millions of dollars from gay people’s suffering, why would I ever want gay people to stop suffering? Think of GLAAD as an organization. Their platform was all about gay rights. Then what happened a few years ago? Gay people got the right to marry! And at first it was, “Oh yay, this is amazing, it’s all over, we can move forward.”

Did that stop them? No, they immediately found another issue to fundraise on. Now we’ve gotten to the T. It’s about the trans debate. Then they’re adding a Q, an R, an S, a U, a V, because they never want to stop saying “here’s a new problem we need to fix” so that GLAAD can continue to raise money. They are a fraudulent organization. The same with the NAACP, which by the way, was founded by white liberals. It is a mechanism for power and raising money. It is all fraudulent. 

You’ve said you want to see an “ideological civil war” — what do you want it to look like?

It’s happening right now. Black people are actually debating ideologically, not “we all have to be Democrats” groupthink. These conservatives starting their own platforms, gaining their own followers, and hosting their own events is beautiful to see. Having the audacity to think for yourself, not hide, and not vote quietly is a strength, especially when you are on the side of truth. 

You have been accused of being unknowingly exploited for right wing propaganda, who do you think is being involuntarily used as left wing propaganda? 

Cardi B, she’s the biggest one. She has no idea how stupid the democratic party thinks she is. Her life is a conservative story, she went from nothing to something without taking any handouts. Whether you like her music or not is up to you, but her success story is actually something that is central to the core concepts of the American dream. Yet, now that capitalism has put her at the top, the left is telling her she needs to sell socialism. There would be no Cardi B in a socialist society. It is unfortunate that she has unwittingly become a puppet for the Democratic Party. 

You’ve spoken about your distaste for the current representation of Black people in modern media. What do you feel delineates between positive and negative representations?

Cancel culture is about silencing critics. Of course, everybody has something they can be cancelled over if you’re going to use political correctness as a weapon. You see kids being “cancelled” at 17! Kids are supposed to be stupid and make mistakes, they learn and grow from that. A bigger way of looking at it is if we don’t start reversing this trend, we’re going to see a rise in depression and mental disorders. People will feel they’re socially imprisoned. 

As to how cancel culture affects me, I couldn’t care less. I think I have done a good job of presenting myself as an imperfect character intentionally and purposefully, because I am not perfect. I am a person who has made many mistakes. Probably the biggest one was being a liberal for the first half of my life. 

If you had your pick of anyone who has run for the Democratic Presidential nomination this cycle, who would you have selected as the candidate?

I would probably select Andrew Yang because he is the only one that is trying to make policies, not emotions. He has new ideas, so he’s been given very little time. They have already selected the candidate they feel it should be, as they always do. I think Andrew Yang is a decent person. He is not running on a platform of hating Trump or hating America. I think America is ready to actually hear policy debate and not emotion, rhetoric, and people yelling at each other. 

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 

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